Tips for Protecting Your Home Without an Alarm System


For those of us that don’t have a home security system, here are some ways to better keep your home safe and secure from potential burglars…

1. Install deadbolt locks on the doors.


2. Use long dowels, broom handles, or long sticks at the base (along the track the door slides on) for added security on sliding glass doors. This will prevent the door from being able to open.


3. Consider getting a guard dog.

4. Never leave doors and windows open or unlocked.

5. Get some motion detection outdoor lighting. A 2-bulb fixture is preferable, in the event that one bulb burns out.


6. Never leave ladders outside or in an unlocked shed, as they can be used by burglars to access the roof or second story windows.

7. Cut back tree limbs that hang over the roof, and eliminate branches near windows.

8. Use foreboding signs to deter break-ins, such as “Beware of Dog” or security alarm company signs and stickers, even if you don’t have a pet or an alarm system.

beware of dogsecuritySign

9. Get to know your neighbors if you don’t already. Ask them to keep an eye out and collect your mail while you are out of town. Burglars often check to see if mail is pilling up.

10. If your community doesn’t have one already, start a neighborhood watch program.

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