Are You Traveling Soon? Brush Up On Airport Safety With These Tips…


Don’t leave your baggage unattended

You never know who could sneak up and grab your bag before you even notice. It is very important to protect your personal belongings while waiting for your flight. If you feel the need to sleep or run to the restroom or any reason you would need to leave your luggage, make sure you have someone you know and trust keep their eyes on your stuff so you’re protected!

Don’t let anyone other than airport staff members handle your luggage

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudsters anywhere you go these days, and that includes the airport. It is important to remember to check for name badges with anyone that asks if you need help with your luggage. If at all possible, try to avoid letting anyone you do not know handle your luggage.

Don’t accept any packages from strangers

This rule should go for everywhere, not just the airport. If you’re not expecting a package, it is important to check who sent the package before opening it, and if you are worried, you can always contact local authorities about the mysterious package.

Report any suspicious activities

If you see anything going on that seems suspicious, contact security while at the airport. You never know what could happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Follow all safety and security rules and instructions


There are many rules and restrictions that take place while flying. It is very important you follow all these rules and restrictions, as they are in place for a reason. Make sure you read signs at the airport that instruct you to be safe. This will help you have a seamless travel.

Author: Close Range Safety Tips

Close Range Safety Training Academy was created to promote safety and protection service through training. Our staff is dedicated to instructing our students in all facets for the purpose of safety, security and defense to better serve their community....

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